Welcome to Changing Faces®

Changing Faces® is a face-changing brand. We aim to improve the quality of people's lives by
making them look good, feel great and smile more. Our priority is to create a more personal
patient experience, highlighting the role that technology can play in providing
the highest standards of care.

Changing Faces® is not a fixed set of guidelines devised by business gurus – rather, we are about change and challenging the status quo. Our brand is a fluid and evolving definition
characterised by patient-focused services, ensuring that we develop our business
so every patient receives the best possible care.

Our active approach continues to attract increasing attention from our industry and enables us to grow organically and effectively. We are active in the Clinical Dental Technology profession with the market-leading brand of Changing Faces® Denture Clinics, while our new brands
see us advancing into new areas with Same Day Teeth plus Changing Faces®
Dentistry & Facial Rejuvenation.

If you want to change things, seek new opportunities, and believe you have the talent to join us, then we would be pleased to meet you. After all, change emerges from openness!